Cycle Safety Technology

Our aim is to make road use as safe as possible and our INDIC8OR dramatically increases your visibility to other road users when making a turn. Our Patented design enables four Ultra-Bright amber LED’s to flash automatically, similar to a car indicator, once your arm is raised, making sure everyone is aware of your intended manoeuvre.

Whether you are a social rider or a regular road user, the INDIC8OR makes sure that your hand signals can be clearly seen by other vehicles.

Worn on the  wrist, the INDIC8OR makes you appear wider on the road when signalling, encouraging motorists to give you a wider berth. Great for Horse Riders too!

Also fits Children

The wrist strap is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

Splash-proof and Rugged

INDIC8ORS are splash-proof and designed for most weather conditions.